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Goal Setting Collab

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Surround yourself with a group that is Supportive, honors your walk & encourages you to be your best self in Life + career or business.

Get encouragement from other women from around the U.S.


Help females achieve personal success through a holistic goal-setting approach. 

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A space where females can receive support, be honored and encouraged in life + business through a collaborative holistic approach to the goal-setting process, helping her be balanced and successful in all areas that she feels are essential. 

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Collectively work on your goals with accountability and support from our Expert Coaching Collaborative.

What She Gets

Set your annual goals through our proven SMART method

Track your success through your printable worksheets

Private Facebook Group for community & expert support

Weekly Live zoom accountability check-in meetings (45 min)

Monthly Training from our Expert Coaching Collaborative

Social Media Shout Outs & features to help you grow your brand. 

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for 90 day journey & $37 after that monthly

 Holistic Approach


Success starts with having a vision & deciding what SHE really wants from life. From there she can create her path.

Visualization + Defining Priorities

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals will enable her to see tangible, measurable results.

Goal Setting

With a pool of industry experts in proven areas, she will receive the coaching support she needs.

Expert Coaching Support

Motivation fades, which is why weekly accountability is essential to success!

Weekly Accountability


Is this just for entrepreneurs?

No. We think that this way of approaching achieving goals is applicable to all women. While many of us are entrepreneurs, it can work for any goal setting as a woman.

Is there a “right time” to join?

No. You can join at any time. The first 90 days of your journey will allow you to get set up for success while still receiving the benefits of group support & expert coaching collaborative.

Why is this just for females?

This program has been developed over time to speak specifically to the needs of women and an opportunity for women to feel supported in that.

If I am not finding value or my life circumstances change, can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely. We only ask that the first 90 days of your journey you really engage & stick it out, after that you can cancel anytime?

What areas are you focusing on for the goal setting?
What areas are you focusing on for the goal setting?

We believe in a holistic approach to setting & achieving goals, the areas we focus on are personal development, relationships, wellness, finances, career development (includes personal branding & marketing), & Organization of space & time.

Who are the coaches in the collaborative?

Founded by Tanya Green a transformational living coach we team up with experts in the industries and areas that we feel best suit you in your journey to success, we have coaches contracted a tri-mester at a time…check our our social media for those in any given tri-mester.

Why do you charge an initial $147 for the first 90 days. 

We believe real change happens when you are ready and with a 90 day commitment you would be giving yourself enough time to adjust to real lasting change. 

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This group is limited to 25 women.
Sign up today to reserve your spot.

$147 for 90 day journey & $37 after that monthly

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