Who is She?

She is a female business owner who is ready to share her talents. She knows that by defining herself and her dreams she will also define her business, reach her goals, and achieve success.


She is ready to take the next step in her life to grow and develop so that she can level up in her life. She is seeking balance and a community that is always moving in a forward direction. She also realizes that excuses won’t get her anywhere, and she takes personal responsibility for her growth.


She may not yet know what the next steps are, but her heart is ready and her mind says LET'S DO THIS

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Jessica Pfohl Paisley

AMIDST Magazine

Jessica Pfohl Paisley is the founder of AMIDST, where the Midwest meets art, beauty, culture, design, fashion, film, music, photography and all things creative.


Jessica is inspired by the amazing creative talent in the Midwest and aspires to build an ecosystem that supports the Midwest creative economy through networking, storytelling, and expanding the definition of the Midwest experience.


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Kay Boyer with The Shop Iowa City

Kay Boyer is a hopeless believer that everyone can find their own version of happiness. It took her years of therapy, inner work, and growth to get there. She took wisdom from her journey and put it into a journal to share with others — to guide any searcher to find their own version of happiness.

You’re Golden Journal is a comprehensive guide for self-discovery and direction. So you can shine.


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Kay Boyer

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Leigh Lukesh

MotherOptica Custom & Heirloom Embroidery 

Leigh’s Lovelies- Love Your Nails!

Leigh Lukesh is a self taught embroidery artist as well as an Independent Senior Stylist with Color Street. Embroidery helps Leigh create beautiful and unique handmade pieces of art while also being a stylist with Color Street helps busy moms and working women enjoy fun and easy ways to practice some self care at home with these dry nail polish strips. She has an active and popular VIP group on Facebook for sharing her passions!

Color Street is made in the USA and is 100% real nail polish! It is also 100% easy and fun for busy women on the go or for a little “you time” self care when you need it! I am an Independent Senior Stylist and love sharing this fabulous product! Find me here www.LeighsLovelies.com MotherOptica Custom & Heirloom Embroidery was founded on the love of creating beautiful, handmade and unique pieces of art. I also believe that anyone can learn something new, like embroidery, if they give themselves the chance! Request custom pieces and stay up to date on future markets here! www.LeighsLovelies.com


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Kendra Aarhus


I’m Kendra. I would define myself as an over caffeinated, hyper-focused, odd breaker, a dream chaser and a proud Slytherin. I grew up in and still live in a rural Iowa community where life is honest and humble, and standing out as a influencer isn't exactly normal. I would not describe myself as normal; in the best way possible.

I am the CEO of You Conferences and a beauty artist that aspires to give our daughters a more inclusive world to grow up in while inspiring their mothers to use their voices to be the change. I am a hopeless creative, that enjoys the nuances of humanity and I will always put my money where my mouth is.

I own a salon called, The Radiance Room in Palo, Iowa. I specialize in brow and lash services, special occasion hair and makeup styling services, makeup lessons, and sell a variety of beauty products in my salon.


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Savannah Warren

Sav’s Syrups LLC

Savannah is a full-time college student of business at UNI and a full-time coffee connoisseur. While working for a coffee shop to pay for classes she fell in love with the industry and founded her company Sav’s Syrups LLC

We are a small, sustainable, flavor-first coffee syrup company. We use natural and premium ingredients to provide game-changing flavors


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She Belongs Here.



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