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Who is She?

She is a female business owner who is ready to share her talents. She knows that by defining herself and her dreams she will also define her business, reach her goals, and achieve success.


She is ready to take the next step in her life to grow and develop so that she can level up in her life. She is seeking balance and a community that is always moving in a forward direction. She also realizes that excuses won’t get her anywhere, and she takes personal responsibility for her growth.


She may not yet know what the next steps are, but her heart is ready and her mind says LET'S DO THIS

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Linley Cavin

Storied Folk & Co.


Linley Cavin has had the dream of owning her own small business for as long as she can remember and after finding herself unhappy at a corporate job, she decided to use her graphic design skills to start her own business.


Over the last 8 years Storied Folk & Co., has evolved from a side hustle to a successful apparel, paper goods and drinkware company that can be found online and in 175+ boutiques across the U.S.

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Ryes & Shine

Vicki Rye is a wife and momma who is passionate about non-toxic living and wellness. After years of struggling with skin irritations and scouring the market for safe skincare products that actually worked, she decided to go to school for natural skincare formulation and create her own.


Vicki founded Ryes & Shine with the mission to offer handcrafted skincare that's formulated to be safe and nourishing for most skin types, including sensitive and irritated skin, and to be the skincare bestie she always needed.

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Vicki Rye


Brianne Nicholson

Avery McCoy Collection

Bri Nicholson has always yearned for a creative outlet and early in 2022, her daughter helped her discover her love for making polymer clay earrings.


In addition to handmaking unique and chic earrings, she also runs her life coaching business, Break Through with Bri.

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Melanie Matthias

Iconic Renovations

Melanie is a determined, empathetic, and unique mother and contractor. Aspiring to remodel houses as a child, she jumped into the big world and realized women are not treated the same as men, especially in a man-dominated construction world. After countless years of mistreatment and horror stories of others, she set out to be the opposite of the norm. When Melanie had enough, she created Iconic Renovations for all women to feel comfortable knowing there was someone trustworthy and friendly to take care of their home. She also allows women to become more independent by teaching handy tricks and how to take their power back by using power tools..

Iconic Renovations is iconic for a reason. I offer individual workshops for ladies like you to learn how to do what you want to do in your home. Whether a big remodel or a small project, I will help you get it done!

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Our Next Box Star


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She Belongs Here.



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